Secure Payment, Returns & GST

Secure Payment

Mark O’Leary Music Publishing’s payment gateway is secured using an SSL Certificate, known as: * which is registered to Adobe Systems Incorporated through Global Sign. An SSL (Secure Socket Layer) Certificate means ALL transactions are secure, private and tamperproof.

You will notice the above logo (and the line of text underneath it) at the bottom of the checkout page, which can be clicked on for certificate verification. (The above logo and text are also active links to the same information.) This link: will take you to Global Sign’s website to read about the issuer of the certificate.


In Australia, school choirs are covered by an agreement with AMCOS which enables them to make 5 copies of everyone original owned. So if you have 50 in your choir you need 10 copies. If you have 30 in your choir you need 6 copies etc.

Taxes and Australia’s GST

GST is included in the stated prices for Australian residents. Overseas customers do not pay GST.